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With a trusted voice, fearless advocacy and intelligent counsel, we support creative service and product based businesses with a broad range of essential brand protection strategies customized with each client's unique business realities in mind.   


Protect your brand's identity

01. Trademarks

Trademark Search / Trademark Registration / Office Action Responses / Trademark Monitoring and Renewals / Trademark Licensing / Trademark Assignment / Trademark Enforcement

Consider trademark protection if:  You're a business owner and want to prevent other business owners from starting a similar business with your business name. 

protect your creative content

02. Copyrights

Copyright Applications / Copyright Licensing / Copyright Assignment / Copyright Portfolio Management / Copyright Enforcement.

Consider copyright protection if: You are a creative professional and want to protect your creative content, namely photos, courses, screen plays, recordings, digital assets, and other creative works.

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From one-time consultations to ongoing support, we’re here to help you better understand the process of protecting your brand from start to finish.

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